Cooling Services and Legionella Testing

Cooling Services and Legionella Testing 2018-07-25T20:36:08+00:00

Why Choose JEMCO Cooling Tower Service?

Unlike chemical salesmen, we are offering you a service not a product. JEMCO does not sell chemicals, we sell a fixed price service contract that includes all the chemicals your system will need to maintain optimum efficiency, corrosion protection, and micro biocide protection delivered with regular service visits. JEMCO will also give your tower an annual cleaning and inspection, which includes a nozzle cleaning. Because JEMCO takes care of all aspects of your treatment plan you will no longer have to handle any chemicals or containers. All JEMCO employees are New York State Certified 7G pesticide applicators, which is required by law to handle any cooling tower biocides. Our premium custom blend of scale inhibitors, micro biocides, and corrosion inhibitors are produced from the top chemical labs across the country including Dow Chemical, Buckman Laboratories, Ashland Chemical, and Interstate Chemicals.

JEMCO is not a chemical sales company, but a service company. We provide the most in-depth cooling tower service available today.

We provide our customers with:

  • Monthly or weekly testing
  • Highest quality chemical blends
  • System monitoring & reports
  • Monthly system calibration
  • Monthly sump screen cleaning
  • Continuous biocide application
  • Automated chemical feed systems
  • Yearly sump cleaning & nozzle cleaning
  • New tower passavation
  • Constant inspection for scale and corrosion
  • Same day repair of all treatment systems: pumps, tubing, controllers, pvc sample lines, ct door gaskets, timers, bleed valves, etc.

In addition to the regular JEMCO service package we offer additional services so each customer can customize their cooling tower treatment needs.

  • Automated biocides
  • Micro biocide dip test
  • Legionella test & total plate count
  • Systems training for all of your employees
  • Air intake screen cleaning
  • Corrosion coupons
  • Corrosion remediation repair

Protect your tower from legionella

JEMCO takes protecting your tower from Legionella and bacteria very serious. We follow strict industry standards to insure your tower is clean including having every employee certified as a New York State certified 7G pesticide applicator. While you can never guarantee a sterile cooling tower, by using our program of continuous oxidizing biocide and weekly or monthly shocks of non oxidizing biocides you drastically reduce the opportunity for any outbreak. We also offer additional services that could further strengthen you bacteria control program such as:

  • Automatic pump fed non-oxidizing biocide
  • Monthly or weekly dip slide test
  • Independent lab legionella and total plate count test
  • Triple biocide application
  • Training seminars on proper cooling tower care and problems to watch for.


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