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Go Green with JEMCO’s Non-Chemical Water Treatment Program

During the last few years there’s been a surge in non-chemical water treatment devices advertised as the cure-all to water treatment for cooling towers. These overpriced devices are sold for a quick buck with little or no service after the sale to monitor water conditions; this leads to mixed results. The internet has many testimonials of success without documentation and many studies from chemical companies describing failures of these devices. The claims of reduced cost ( labor and chemical), bacterial control, reduced water usage, and rapid return of initial investment are greatly exaggerated to justify very high initial costs.

JEMCO is a locally owned, 20 year old WATER TREATMENT SERVICE company. We have always used chemicals with automatic control equipment from a wide range of vendors to provide a balanced water treatment program. We are constantly evaluating their performance and choose the best products for our customers. In response to customer’s requests , in the past 3 years we have developed a non- chemical ( GREEN SYSTEM) alternative that we feel will provide an equal level of protection that chemicals have been providing for years. THE MOST IMPORTANT ASPECT OF ANY WATER TREATMENT PROGRAM IS THE SERVICE PROVIDED BY THE TECHNICIANS TO ENSURE THE EQUIPMENT IS PROTECTED AGAINST SCALE, CORROSION, BACTERIA, AND THAT THE OWNER IS KEPT INFORMED OF EXISTING CONDITIONS.

Our approach to the Green System is to provide a RENEWABLE SERVICE CONTRACT that includes a complete system with service visits that will address all of the needs of a water treatment program.
The contract includes a package of equipment and services that can be customized to your individual needs.

This treatment system has already been approved for NYS DEC SPEDES permits at several of our customer locations.

If you are interested in the chemical free, environmentally friendly treatment program, this GREEN SYSTEM should be considered. For small cooling towers the cost is usually higher than current programs but a complete site analysis will enable us to discuss the program and provide you with a quote and contract proposal based on your cooling tower needs.


Please contact us to schedule your appointment for a complete site analysis.